How do you exaggerate?

We all have storms…maybe you are in one right now. I love that the disciple, Matthew, included this story even though it made the disciples look like total wimps! I think Matthew wanted us to imagine this story and see what he learned from being a part of this storm. When Jesus is with us, there is no need to fear, but why do we so often exaggerate with the worst case scenario? For the disciples it was, “We’re going to drown!” For you it might be, “We are not going to make it!” (Think for just a second….have you ever met anyone who cried out, “We’re not going to make it,” and they didn’t make it?) Or maybe you have said, “We are going to starve to death…” “We are going to die…” “This was the worst experience ever…” I think what Jesus would have wanted was for the disciples to still wake Him up but ask, “Lord, You need to see this huge storm…we have faith that You can do anything! What should we do?” When we have faith that our Savior is in the boat with us, exaggeration seeks to take the power and awesomeness away from what God can do!

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