Made for Marshall

Made for Marshall is a blog post that seeks to connect the people of God with His Word in a unique and fresh way that hopefully will show how we are Made for Marshall! God refers to us as His ambassadors which means He wants us to represent Him. He wants us to show off His love and be a representation of what His grace looks like. He actually knows what He is doing and has put us around the people we are with for an important reason. Anybody can talk about sports or news or the latest movie that is out, but God calls us to actually be ready to speak a good word for Him when He gives us the chance. As the Pastor of Lewisburg First Church of the Nazarene, I believe it is part of my calling to encourage and remind us how we are Made for Marshall. It is my hope that you will find these blog posts helpful as you see how the Word of God intersects with our daily lives.

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